Here you can explore Calligraphy. You may look at the already recorded survey that asks if calligraphy is an art or a writing, and say what you think too. You may try the experiment that proves how hard Calligraphy is to master. Plus, you can read the facts to learn more about Calligraphy. Have fun!


  • Was practiced in anicient times
  • Developed more than two thousand years ago
  • Started with pictures, but changed over time.
  • It is a culture treasure.
  • 5 principles: posture, knowledge of tools, control, rhythm, and balance.
  • Calligraphy is known throughout the world


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Do you think Calligraphy is an art or a writing?
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Attempting Calligraphy

1. Get a piece of paper and a fat brush, with black paint on it.
2. Print out the picture below, and try to copy the symbol for water on the paper, with the paint brush.
3. Make nice and even strokes. Think about the 5 principles; posture, knowledge of tools, control, rhythm, and balance.
4. When you are done, compare the professional picture (printed out picture) with your attempt to create the Chinese current Calligraphy symbol for water.

A point should have been proven. Calligraphy is very hard to master. It takes many years to practice.
Symbol for water in Chinese Calligraphy
Here is an example:

The answer to the survey is that Calligraphy is a writing, referred to as an art or culture treasure. But the Chinese do not use it as writing. It is basically an art based on writing.